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About Generations Day Care

Established in 2019, Generations Day Care provides intergenerational day care in a modern, bright, and clean facility.
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Generations offers participants with a variety of services, including: individual assessment of needs, instruction and skills training, a stimulating environment, and the personal assistance needed to enable them to engage in activities of their own choosing, leading to greater self‐determination.

Our basic services include daily care, meals, activities, training, and support services. It is anticipated that Generations participants with developmental disabilities will achieve IPP objectives in the areas of self‐advocacy, employment training, community integration, and self‐care with the result that each participant will gain greater integration into their community and achieve more independence in his/her life.

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Our senior clients will also participate in activities that suit their interests and capabilities, and that promote wellness and the ability to age in place. Adult Day provides a safe, fun, and interactive place for Seniors to attend and receive daytime care. This option may enable our clients the ability to maintain living independently in their own home, and/or allow family members and other care givers a much needed respite.

For some clients, Adult Day is an alternative to moving into an assisted living or skilled nursing facility. Our services are also more affordable than private, in-home care givers, and provide a greater opportunity for socializing and interacting with others. In addition, clients will have the convenience and ability to access additional, third-party services such as: a hair dresser, physical therapy, podiatrist services, and more, while participating in day care programs.

Generations Day Care is located in the same facility as STEM Studio, which provides Science, Technology, Engineering and Math classes to children of all ages. This shared campus arrangement allows a truly intergenerational model. Children who attend STEM Studio classes are encouraged to drop into Adult Day and join in their daily activities work on a puzzle or board game with a senior, or just spend time chatting. Likewise, our senior and regional center clients are encouraged to participate and observe STEM classes. We believe that both generations offer a unique and meaningful contribution to our day care center.

This intergenerational model provides positive, engaging opportunities for both age groups, and allows them to socialize with individuals that offer different life experiences and perspectives.

Generations Day Care provides care to two main groups of participants.


Our Senior Day Program includes providing basic non-medical care, medication administration, meals, wellness checks, activities of daily living (ADL), and participating in activities such as: book club, board games, yoga, gardening, art, mediation and mindfulness, music, discussing current events, and more. We also coordinate services with outside vendors, so that you can utilize necessary services while at the day program. These services may include: hairdresser, podiatrist, acupuncturist, transportation services, and other services.

Regional Center clients:

The goal of our program for adults with disabilities is to provide job and life skills that meet their IPP goals and allow them to integrate into our community with confidence. Generations adult day program provides a program of planned activities that are designed to develop and maintain the individual’s functional skills and includes arrangements for utilization of available community resources. Individuals receive instruction in self‐advocacy, community integration, self‐care, and employment training both at the center and within the community. Individuals also receive care and supervision.

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