Generations Day Care Enrollment

Established in 2019, Generations Day Care provides intergeneration day care in a modern, bright, and clean facility.

  • Initial application processing fee (one time): $75
  • Rates: full day $85/day
  • Half day (up to 5 hours) $55/day
  • 3-full days per week (paid in advance): $246/week
  • 5-full days per week (paid in advance): $400/week
  • *No refunds for unused/no show days. You may receive a credit for future care if your reservation is cancelled in writing within 24 hours.

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Once you have completed the enrollment forms, please contact Generation's Day Care for a tour of the facility and interview.

ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS: All individuals must:

  • Be age eighteen (18) years or older.
  • No longer be in a high school program.
  • Maintain socially acceptable hygiene.
  • Not abuse alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs during program hours.

All Individuals must have, prior to admission, or within 30 days of admission, a current written medical assessment performed by a licensed physician which is no more than one year old. The assessment must include the following information:

  • A record of any infectious or contagious diseases which would preclude care of the person by program staff.
  • A test for tuberculosis.
  • Identification of the participant’s special problems and needs.
  • Identification of any prescribed medications being taken by the participant.
  • Physician orders are required for any treatments (medication, formula, etc.) administered by program staff.
  • Statement from the doctor stating the participant may administer his/her own medication and knows when to take it;
  • Mobility status.

All Individuals must have a new medical assessment each year from the date of admission. The participant will be notified as to the date of expiration by the program staff. The cost of the medical assessment is to be borne by the participant.

Individuals should not display behavior that may be harmful to themselves or others and should not have medical condition which precludes regular participation in the program.

Applicants must submit a one-time processing fee of $75 along with their completed application.

Upon entrance of the program, monthly fees are expected to be paid within 10 days of receipt of invoice. A late fee of $15.00 may be charged if payment is not received within this time period.

Generation's Day Care reserves the right to deny admission to, or dismiss someone from the program due to health issues or diagnoses which exceed the level of care of our facility.


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