Open Letter 2020

An Open Letter from the Executive Director

As 2019 comes to a close; I’d like to start by expressing my gratitude to everyone who made my dream of owning an international Adult Day Facility turn into a reality. My staff, our clients and their families, my own family, care givers and the local community have all supported this vision and made it come to life. We’ve set up an environment that fosters learning, acceptance, growth, and prepares our adults with disabilities for life outside our program.

Beginning in 2020, we are enhancing our program in big ways! We are excited to announce that Adult Day will be opening a bookstore! Our store, The Bookworm, is expected to be open by March 2020, and will exclusively employ adults and teenagers with disabilities. At The Bookworm, we will teach job skills such as: pricing, inventory, customer service, money handling, organizing and other tasks related with running a small business. The Bookworm will also fulfill a need within the community of Ramona. Sadly, the only local bookstore in Ramona will close its doors later this year. We plan to stock a full array of both new and used books, as well as specialty items, homeschool curriculum, local authors, and homemade items.

In addition to our bookstore, clients in our program will be busy creating and selling “busy boards”. Busy boards are interactive toys that develop sensory and fine motor skills, and include items such as wheels, locks, buttons, knobs and other fidget items. They are great toys for toddlers, children with learning disabilities and those diagnosed with dementia. Our day program participants will create and manufacture these boards, which will be available for sale at The Bookworm and online.

Lastly, we are starting a worm farm! Our worm farm will be a hands-on lesson in life sciences, will help compost our food waste, and will provide an opportunity to care for living creatures. Our worms will also be available for purchase at The Bookworm.

Through all these work programs, our adult day participants will earn fair wages, develop job skills, and build self-confidence – all while integrating into the larger community.

We will continue to offer our signature programs, such as intergenerational activities, toddler playgroups, Spanish and coding classes. Our goal is to be busy with meaningful activities that foster independence, confidence, and skills that are transferrable to life outside the doors of our program.

Thank you for supporting our Adult Day Facility. As I always say, there is something truly magical when we combine children, adults with disabilities and the elderly. We have enjoyed laughing together and making forever friendship within the walls of Generations. We look forward to many more years in Ramona, and continuing to grow.


Marcie Laws,

Owner and Executive Director