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Ramona Unified School District teachers have extremely limited budgets to buy materials and equipment for their classrooms. This budget can be as low as $100 annually to purchase necessary items to teach their students. Many teachers use their personal funds to buy what they need for their classrooms. The district does provide basics such as: pens, pencils, paper, glue, etc. However, our students and teachers need more.
Generations Ramona believes all children deserve to have up-to-date, engaging equipment and materials in their classrooms, so that they can learn, be challenged and grow academically. We also believe that teachers should not spend their own paychecks in order to make this happen. When materials and equipment become damaged, are outdated or there aren’t enough for an entire classroom, it affects children’s abilities to learn and thrive.
Ramona is a small, unincorporated community in San Diego County and the school district has approximately 440 teachers. Our goal is to provide $1,000 to each to teacher, which can be spent on materials, equipment, curriculum, books, and other items that will enhance their classrooms and provide teachers with the means to give students the best educational opportunities and experiences available. We have established a system to ensure that funds are spent on classroom items.
Generations Ramona is committed to this fundraiser and will match the first $10,000 donated. Any funds that exceed our goal will be used to purchase additional items for school sites and/or held over to fund this program in the future. I hope that this becomes an annual fundraiser and we are able to help RUSD teachers for many years to come.
Marcie’s parents met at Ramona High School in the 1960’s and her siblings and herself are all graduates of Ramona High School. Marcie has four sons and is committed to ensure they, along with their peers, have excellent academic opportunities while attending RUSD schools.
Thank you for your generosity.

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